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UPDATE: On November 21, 2019, the Canadian Federation of Students and the York Federation of Students took their case to the Ontario Divisional Court to appeal the Student Choice Initiative on the grounds that its directives were created in bad faith and were not consistent with the statutory schemes that regulate Ontario colleges and universities. In an incredible win for all those who have been affected by the policy, the Court ruled unanimously in favour to repeal the SCI, which they declared undemocratic. 

However, we are still unsure of how this will affect the future funds of student services, when the repeal of the SCI will take effect, and whether the funds for the 2019-2020 year that were lost as a result of the opt-out will be returned. As of now, OPIRG Toronto still needs your support and we still urge you to donate and sign on as a sustainer.

We will provide additional information as soon as it is made available. 

For over 37 years OPIRG Toronto has fought for marginalized communities at U of T, in this city and across the province more broadly. We have committed countless resources to fighting neoliberal policies that work to progressively weaken labour unions, gut social programs, and abandon an increasing percentage of marginalized members of our communities. Our organizing in Toronto’s downtown has built a solid network of allies and organizations through advocacy, education, skills building and sharing, radical research grounded in social justice, and individual casework, which seeks to simultaneously address material concerns while raising people’s capacity for collective action. It is a model that has made OPIRG Toronto a thorn in the side of the wealthy and unaccountable both in our immediate community and provincially. Our commitment and capacity to do this arduous work has rested on an independent agreement with students known as a fee levy, which directly funds our operations. We have never sought (or been offered) government support, nor corporate grants and loans as we have always prided ourselves on being independent and answerable to the community, not the rich and powerful.

The new policy on ancillary fees passed by the Ontario provincial government will make it nearly impossible to plan and implement long term goals and campaigns - through which we have been able to support the development and eventual independence of social justice campaigns. This is a previously unseen level of precariousness in the way OPIRG Toronto are able to administer and maintain our primary source of funding, and we are facing a grave level of uncertainty about how to continue our operations. OPIRG Toronto is asking for your support to ensure that we can continue to provide the grassroots organizing work we do. You can help by becoming an official OPIRG sustainer and donating a monthly amount of between $50-$100 per month. Your assistance will ensure the fight against austerity, xenophobia, Islamophobia, anti-Black racism and anti-labour/anti-poor government policies continues for years to come.

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Call to support OPIRG