Training Activists

Action Groups

Action groups (also referred to as working groups) are formed by a collective of people who voluntarily agree to work together on a shared issue towards a common goal while ensuring that the responsibilities and decisions involved in this work are distributed equally among its members.

Prominent past action groups have included the Environment Working Group, No One is Illegal, the First Nations Solidarity Action Group, and Ontario Coalition Against Poverty.

Board of Directors

The Board of Directors are elected each year during OPIRG Toronto's Annual General Meeting. Unlike the volunteers participating in the action groups, the Board does not attend to specific social justice or environmental issues and instead focusses on the long-term viability of the organization by making decisions regarding activist training for volunteers, finances and yearly budget, overall planning and programming, the hiring of staff, and the allocation of funds and resources to support the action groups in their work.

Permanent Staff

The permanent staff ensure continuity and sustainability throughout changes to OPIRG's Board of Directors. They carry out daily tasks that contribute to the overall maintenance and integrity of the organization's operations, such as bookkeeping, training the Board of Directors, coordinating volunteers, and providing connections to other activist and grassroots organizations within the larger community.

Training Activists