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Poster advertising a show to celebrate "six years on the Prowl!"

Poster advertising a rally to protest a proposed anti-squeegeeing city by-law.

Photo on Nov 13, 2018 at 12_31_12 PM.jpg
Gig flyer for The Ten Commandments at Lee's Palace supported by Small Town Preachers & The Land Sharks

Press Release detailing a program of Jack Smith films introduced by Village Voice film critic J. Hoberman.

IMG 48bb 1983.jpg
A protester with ACT! (Against Cruise Testing) in front of the Eaton Centre. A person wearing a Canadian Armed Forces jacket looks on.

IMG 1684bb 1985.jpg
Photograph of posters for the legendary Toronto punk band Stark Naked and the Fleshtones.

IMG 47bb 1983.jpg
Police approach a protester with ACT! (Against Cruise Testing) in front of the Eaton Centre.

IMG 2322bb 1983.jpg
A protester with ACT! (Against Cruise Testing) at Yonge and Dundas, Toronto, 1983.

5C BelVoxVicto at Cameron.jpg
Poster for Fifth Column and Believer's Voice of Victory show at The Cameron House on Saturday, June 21, 1986.

An invitation to Fetish Night at The Lizard Club, presented by The Betty Page Social Club.

Poster advertising a Bikes Not Cars campaign meeting wherein cyclists rode along Bloor Street from Castle Frank to High Park.

OPIRG Binder 1989 6_20190228_0001.pdf
Letter calling on anti-apartheid in South Africa groups to mount new campaigns to pressure the Mulroney government to impose sanctions.
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