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QuotaMagCover (2).JPG
Quota magazine cover of Random Order.
Left to right: Lynx Dean, Rachel Melas, Conny Nowe

Cover art for Random Order's second cassette, "Soul Control". This cassette was released with Random Order's 2nd rhythm section line up Conny Nowe & Rachel Melas who were co-writers & performers in the band for approximately 10 years.

There was a…

A poster for a release party for Random Order's first CD, "Not a Perfect World." Held at the Bamboo and featuring Leslie Taylor An' de Ban'.

Cover art for Random Order's first CD, "Not a Perfect World". This CD featured a revamp of "Oppression" from the Destiny cassette and "Things Fall Apart" which has recently been re-mastered edited and re-released May 15, 2020.
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