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a declaration for peace 1.jpg
A pamphlet expressing support for declaring Canada a Nuclear Weapons Free Zone.

canada's water for sale_.jpg
Poster for the annual meeting of the Canadian Environmental Law Association

Image depicts participants mid-march. The City of York Women's Community banner is visible, as is a poster reading "TORONTO LOCAL CUPW SHAME!"

Photograph depicts the march stopping at Old City Hall. Participants are holding signs and banners, their backs are mostly to the camera.

Photograph depicts a Bread and Roses trailer and truck at the Women's March Against Poverty. The slogan on the truck reads: "Bread & Roses, Jobs & Justice". There is a City of Toronto police officer standing in the foreground.

Photograph depicts participants in the Women's March Against Poverty holding the City of York Women's Community's pink banner and a CUPW sign. The CUPW sign (likely) reads: "For Bread and Roses, Jobs and Justice".

Photograph depicts women from the City of York Women's Community holding their pink banner and cymbals - ready to make some noise!

The photograph depicts City of York protestors marching while holding the pink 'City of York Women's Community' banner, and a homemade placard reading: "Harris brain has been cut!"

Photograph depicts members of the City of York Women's Committee waiting for the March Against Poverty with a pink banner.

Photograph features Women's March Against Poverty participants gathering with signage and protest materials at City Hall. Posters and banners from the Ontario Coalition Against Poverty (OCAP) and Registered Nurses Association of Ontario (RNAO) areā€¦

Photo on Nov 13, 2018 at 12_20_11 PM.jpg
Invitation admits one entry to the Festival of Festivals Midnight Madness in 1990. The event took place on Friday, September 14 from 8:30 - 10:30 PM.

Metro DOA communication report.pdf
Summary and report of the media coverage of the Metro Days of Action

Photo 1.jpg
Two photos from the Metro Days of Action staff wind-up party

Metro DOA income_Redacted.pdf
Itemized list of all of the income and expenditures for the Metro Days of Action.

Bowden Media Coverage.pdf
Survey of Media Coverage of Metro Days of Action by Bowdens.

Issue of Ecomedia anarchist bi-weekly bulletin.

LR ID Magic 2.jpeg
Half-price admission pass for "Black Magic" Wednesdays at Club Magic, with DJ Ivan Palmer.
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