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LR ID Legion.jpeg
Membership card for The 360 Club, aka Ukrainian Branch no. 360 of the Royal Canadian Legion.

5C Wiggle Pig.jpg
Poster for Fifth Column and Wiggle Pig at The Cameron House, Saturday August 5th, 1989.

poster008 - poster009.jpg
Poster for a concert at The Rivoli on Queen St W, featuring Fifth Column, The Earwigs, and Pig Farm as presented by CIUT.

poster003 - poster004.jpg
Poster promotes a concert at The Rivoli for Eugene Chadbourne with Deadlines as the opening band.

5C BelVoxVicto at Cameron.jpg
Poster for Fifth Column and Believer's Voice of Victory show at The Cameron House on Saturday, June 21, 1986.

 MS MN.jpg
Mecca Normal, Mourning Sickness and Bryan James show at the Rivoli. This was a partial reunion of the Black Wedge Tour lineup from the previous year.

 MS RO.jpg
Poster for the Random Order, Steal This Book and Mourning Sickness show at the Cameron House.

 MS VF.jpg
Toronto avant garde/industrial bands Varoshi Fame, Mourning Sickness and Blank Crowd at the Rivoli.

Urban Scorch - Eric Fitz.JPG
This is a poster for the release of the Urban Scorch compilation - the first cassette compilation released in Toronto by Søme Records.

Book Release Event for author Julie Crysler's All Consuming, a collection of 15 provocative poems and stories.

Nothing to Smile About.jpg
"After years of tight-lipped colonialism, nothing to smile about."

Rosie Died Plaque94.jpg
This was a plaque that was chained to a street post on Queen Street.

Billboard_15 1989.jpg
This hand painted billboard bolted to the top of an abandoned building at Queen and John was a political parody referring to the billboards for the movie 1984.

Billboard_11 1988.jpg
An anti-apartheid art piece installed on an abandoned building at Queen and John.

Billboard_06 1988.jpg
This painting was installed on a vacant building at Portland and Queen St.

Billboard_13 1986.jpg
Political billboard bolted to an abandoned building on Queen Street West.

1985 street billboard1986.tif
One of many paintings covering an abandoned building at Portland and Queen.

Nancy Sinatras 1993 Reduced Size.pdf
The Official 1993 Celebrity Datebook of the rockin' Toronto combo The Nancy Sinatras made by Ian Phillips of Pas De Chance

Nancy Sinatras 1992 Reduced Size.pdf
The Official 1992 Calendar of the rockin' Toronto combo The Nancy Sinatras made by Ian Phillips of Pas De Chance
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