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OPIRG Binder 1986 4.jpg
Invitation to the launch of the book Good Girls/Bad Girls: Sex Trade Workers & Feminists Face to Face.

OPIRG Binder 1986 3.jpg
Order form for the book Good Girls/Bad Girls: Sex Trade Workers and Feminists Face to face.

Gwendolyn Hardcore.jpeg
The program for Gwendolyn's performance piece Hardcore: A Sex Worker Examines the Morality of the the Anti-Porn Movement.

Pamphlet describing what the Committee Against Street Harassment (C.A.S.H.) does.

Press release announcing the opening of a telephone hotline to provide assistance to sex workers.

This video was an STD-prevention tool produced by Youthlink Inner City’’s STD Prevention Project and geared to young people who live on, or who are “at risk” on the street.
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