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A promotional poster for a benefit show for the Rape Crisis Centre featuring the Matriphiles, Utterly Sputter, Maggie Helwig, Four Words, and Random Order.

All Time Queen of the World new.jpg
"All Time Queen of the World" by Fifth Column
Cover drawing, design, and stencil by G.B. Jones

Promotional postcard for the Bikes Not Cars campaign

Pamphlet advertising the No Time to Waste Rally for Peace and the Environment organized by the Toronto Disarmament Network and Greenpeace

Final Report detailing the reasons why the York Campaign was discontinued.

A letter from OPIRG Provincial stating that the expansion to create an OPIRG York would be delayed due to the unlikelihood of being able to win a referendum at York at the time.

J.D.s Top Ten Tape cover.jpg
"J.D.s Top Ten Tape", a cassette tape compiled by G.B. Jones and Bruce LaBruce; produced by G.B. Jones and Peter Hudson.
Cover design, layout, and spray paint by G.B. Jones, 1990.

J.D.s Top Ten Tape.jpg
"J.D.s Top Ten Tape" ad - photo of Eric Gunner by G.B. Jones; design, layout, spray paint by G.B. Jones

OPIRG Supermarket Tour 1998.jpg
Bookmark describing the Supermarket Tour

Gwendolyn Hardcore.jpeg
The program for Gwendolyn's performance piece Hardcore: A Sex Worker Examines the Morality of the the Anti-Porn Movement.

speaking out sexism and university 1.jpg
Pamphlet describing a day of discussion about Sexism, Violence, and the University

Photo on Nov 13, 2018 at 12_20_11 PM.jpg
Invitation admits one entry to the Festival of Festivals Midnight Madness in 1990. The event took place on Friday, September 14 from 8:30 - 10:30 PM.

circa 1990 S. Kearney-M. Moya.jpg
A photo taken in front of SEED Alternative School on College Street.

July 11 1991.jpg
The first day of the Oka uprising.

Rosie Died Plaque94.jpg
This was a plaque that was chained to a street post on Queen Street.

Flyer advertising of the first issue of F.O.D. (Freedom of Death) Maggotzine.

An invitation to Fetish Night at The Lizard Club, presented by The Betty Page Social Club.
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