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4 song 7-inch vinyl compilation featuring Toronto bands CHICKEN MILK, LIQUID JOY, HI DUMMY and MUD. This file contains both sides/4 songs of the EP
LIQUID JOY-Who Are Your Friends
MUD-Ice T Stay In Your Home

A benefit show for Margaret Frazer House featuring Meryn Cadell, Gloria Blizzard, and Fifth Column.

A promotional flyer for the Lubicon Cree campaign against Daishowa Inc.

Letter from OPIRG Toronto to the Apache Coalition seeking information that would help in lobbying against the University of Toronto and the Astronomy Department.

Minutes for the November 20, 1991 meeting of the U of T Coalition Against the Columbus Project. The focus of the meeting was the develop a strategy regarding U of T's stance to defer their decision to involve themselves or not in the Columbus Project…

A poster advertising a meeting for the Native Issues Group to be held on October 8, 1991.

An article in The Strand covering OPIRG's demonstration against disposables whereby the group built a mountain of styrofoam cups in front of Sidney Smith.

A press release informing the public that OPIRG Toronto will be building a mountain out of 12 000 Styrofoam cups on campus to raise awareness of the Green Master Plan.

Pamphlet with information regarding OPIRG Toronto's Annual General Meeting including a description of the organization, a description of the different working groups, and a proposed agenda for the meeting.

An event poster for the showing of the video "The Colour of Immunity" organized by the Black Coalition For AIDS Prevention (Black CAP)
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