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Poster used for the promotion of the OPIRG Toronto Anti-Gallery.

Photos taken of the main exhibit of OPIRG Toronto's Anti-Gallery: an interactive installation comprised of the group's archival records depicting foundational moments in their history of community activism.

OPIRG-Toronto's information table set up at the Anti-Gallery, which included pamphlets for the exhibits, merchandise for sale, and options for donation.

Mining Injustice Solidarity Network's installation which included an exhibit of props and costumes used over the course of their history of community organizing initiatives.

For the Anti-Gallery the Library's collective organized a Library pop-up where folks could have a comfy seat, take a breather from the event, and get a taste of a small part of the Library's collection by flipping through some of their original,…

Ontario Coalition Against Poverty's interactive exhibit which featured a selection of their banners, posters, and placards, collected through 30 years of direct-action anti-poverty organizing, as well as a screen printing station where people…

No One Is Illegal-Toronto, a migrant justice collector and former action group within OPIRG UofT, presented an interactive art installation where participants could scratch away dangerous myths about migrants, revealing a message underneath the…

Design Justice Network's interactive exhibit had participants think about design processes they know of, and create space for them to rethink them through a design justice lens, asking: Who was involved, who benefited and who was harmed in the design…

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Poster used during the promotion and advertising of the OPIRG Toronto Anti-Gallery.

A fax sent from OPIRG Carleton to OPIRG Toronto notifying them that PepsiCo will be completely disengaging from the Burmese market.

A press release from the South-East Asia Working Group of OPIRG Carleton outlining a plan of action for divesting from Petro-Canada so as to pressure them to suspend their operations in Burma while the military regime remains in power.

A letter sent to the Students Administrative Council notifying them that OPIRG will be closing the issue of the 1992 Spring elections/referendum

A form used to nominate students to run for the position of director on OPIRG Toronto's Board of Directors.

A letter on behalf of President Prichard to OPIRG-Toronto that announces their decision not to involve the University of Toronto as a partner in the Columbus Project

An outline of the various actions and initiatives the OPIRG Toronto planned to implement in the campaign to pressure the University of Toronto not to become involved in the Columbus Project

Letter from OPIRG Toronto to the Apache Coalition seeking information that would help in lobbying against the University of Toronto and the Astronomy Department.
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