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Promotional flyer to encourage the public to boycott Petro-Canada in an effort to pressure the company into not renewing its contract in Burma.

A press release from the South-East Asia Working Group of OPIRG Carleton outlining a plan of action for divesting from Petro-Canada so as to pressure them to suspend their operations in Burma while the military regime remains in power.

A letter sent to the Students Administrative Council notifying them that OPIRG will be closing the issue of the 1992 Spring elections/referendum

Fax sent to all people of the Mohawk Nation and to the people of the League of Indigenous Nations Conference from the Leonard Peltier Defense Committee.

A final report for the Environmental Priorities Project funded by OPIRG-Toronto and the Environmental Youth Corps, entitled "Composting at the University of Toronto."

Poster advertising Supermarket Tours hosted by OPIRG Toronto during Environment Week.

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Board report outlining events and initiatives pertaining to the Pedestrianize St. George Street Campaign

OPIRG James Bay.jpg
Poster advertising an international day of protest against the James Bay II Hydro-Electric Mega Project.

march against male violence.jpg
Poster advertising a march to protest male violence

LR ID Legion.jpeg
Membership card for Club 360, aka Ukrainian Branch no. 360 of the Royal Canadian Legion.

Poster for an anti-police brutality protest in response to the killing of Luis Antonio Vega by Metro Police.

An Anti-Racist Action pamphlet in response to homophobic violence by hate groups.

Four page official newsletter of "North America's Finest Comix Shop" which may still be true all these years later.
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