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A photo of Four Words at The Paddock tavern on the south west corner of Queen and Bathurst, down the alley from where they practiced and after a gig at the Slither Club in the Paddock basement.
Tim Huston, Charlotte Briéde, Janet Martin, Rob…

vote for peace.jpg
Poster encouraging people to vote for peace in the upcoming election

Bulletin Of The Prisoners' Justice Day Committee Of Toronto
Vol. 3, No 1, March 1995

Press release for the launch party held at the Theodore Museum of Contemporary Art for Toronto artist Fiona Smyth's comic Nocturnal Emissions, published by Vortex Comics.

Book_02 1990.jpg
This was a painted book installed on Bathurst Street.

Flyer advertising a screening on 16mm of Bob Dylan's film Don't Look Back,

Michael Smith's one-man play about a day in the life of a gay man living with AIDS. With musical support by Steal This Book and a cameo appearance by Mourning Sickness.
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