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Postcard advertising 2 nights of contemporary 16mm films by American experimental filmmaker Stan Brakhage at Innis College and The AGO's Jackman Hall.

Poster for Dion Conflict's Hunka Junk Film Festival at The Rivoli.

A party celebrating the Bruce LaBruce's film Super 8 1/2 screening at the 1994 TIFF.

Flyer advertising a screening on 16mm of Bob Dylan's film Don't Look Back,

Poster for the Spring 1993 Pleasure Dome programme featuring A Short History of Exploitation Films on 16mm.

Press Release detailing a program of Jack Smith films introduced by Village Voice film critic J. Hoberman.

Invitation to a very happening event featuring zines, bands, exploitation films and go-go girls. It was held at the Another Time, Another Planet venue, presented by Trash Compactor zine and Outer Limits Video.

Invitation to the premiere screening of Bruce LaBruce's Super 8 1/2, the follow up to No Skin Off My Ass.

crime wave.png
A flyer for a 1990 screening of John Paizs's 1985 film Crime Wave, held in the back room of The Rivoli.

A post card advertising a couple of (pre-TIFF) Festival of Festivals screenings of a short 16mm film about fun Toronto based author Crad Kilodney.
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