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OPIRG Binder 1989 20_20190228_0001.pdf
A proposal to the Canadian Peace Alliance asking to support the campaign against the Goose Bay NATO base.

OPIRG Binder 1986 30_20190228_0001.pdf
A statement by Cesar Chavez describing the reason for the fast. Also includes a few local newspaper articles.

OPIRG Binder 1986 29.jpg
Letter of solidarity from OPIRG coordinator Ann Rowan to Cesar Chavez

OPIRG Binder 1986 28.jpg
Poster inviting people to join the "Fast for Life" campaign to draw attention to poisonous pesticides used by California grape growers.

OPIRG Binder 1986 21.jpg
Poster advertising a rally at Queen's Park to protest the Economic Summit

OPIRG Binder 1986 19_20190228_0001.pdf
Minutes of an anti-free trade workshop

Fifth Column Montreal copy.jpg
A poster for a Fifth Column show at La Foufonne Electrique in Montreal; design, layout and spray paint by G.B. Jones

The Conspiracy of International Anarchists Tape, aka The C.I.A. Tapes, is a 1988 cassette compilation released by the U.K.'s Bluurg Records & Tapes.

Press release describing a Ontario AIDS Network resolution calling on the federal government to repeal anti-prostitution laws.

OPIRG PSSP 2_20190205_0001.pdf
Information packet describing the Prostitutes' Safe Sex Project's opposition to the forced testing and quarantine of prostitutes.

a declaration for peace 1.jpg
A pamphlet expressing support for declaring Canada a Nuclear Weapons Free Zone.

LR ID Magic 2.jpeg
Half-price admission pass for "Black Magic" Wednesdays at Club Magic, with DJ Ivan Palmer.

 MS MN.jpg
Mecca Normal, Mourning Sickness and Bryan James show at the Rivoli. This was a partial reunion of the Black Wedge tour lineup from the previous year. The Black Wedge tour was an anti-authoritarian response to Britain's earlier Red Wedge, and began…

 MS VF.jpg
Toronto avant garde/industrial bands Varoshi Fame, Mourning Sickness and Blank Crowd at the Rivoli.

Book_02 1990.jpg
This was a painted book installed on Bathurst Street.
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