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The Conspiracy of International Anarchists Tape, aka The C.I.A. Tapes, is a 1988 cassette compilation released by the U.K.'s Bluurg Records & Tapes.

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The video for Mecca Normal's "Strong White Male," from their 1987 7" single Oh Yes You Can!

Issue of Ecomedia anarchist bi-weekly bulletin.

Flyer describing what gay anarchism looks like.

 MS MN.jpg
Mecca Normal, Mourning Sickness and Bryan James show at the Rivoli. This was a partial reunion of the Black Wedge tour lineup from the previous year. The Black Wedge tour was an anti-authoritarian response to Britain's earlier Red Wedge, and began…

The Activist00111.jpg
Poster with cartoon describing the Anarchist Free School and inviting people to a dis-orientation event. [text SV]

Kick it Over.pdf
Issue of the Toronto-based anarchist magazine Kick It Over

Anarchist magazine associated with the Toronto Anarchist Black Cross, which focussed on prisoner solidarity and political prisoner support.

A Survival Gathering An Anarchist Unconvention 1.pdf
An information pamphlet for people attending A Survival Gathering distributed by the Toronto Network mailing list.

Issue of a newsletter produced by the Anarchy Association.

Issue of Ecomedia anarchist bi-weekly bulletin.

Issue of Ecomedia anarchist bi-weekly bulletin.

Ecomedia #38_20180123_0001.pdf
Issue of Ecomedia anarchist bi-weekly bulletin.

Early issue of the Ecomedia anarchist bi-weekly bulletin.
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