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OPIRG Binder 1989 8_20190228_0001.pdf
Newsletter of the University of Toronto Anti-Apartheid Network.

OPIRG Binder 1989 3_20190228_0001.pdf
Letter encouraging men to voice support for women's right to choose whether to have an abortion.

OPIRG Binder 1986 27.jpg
Letter to the OPIRG Coordinator thanking them for participation in the boycott.

Fifth Column Sticker.jpg
Fifth Column sticker designed and spray painted by G.B. Jones and photocopied on label paper

An orientation booklet for newly-admitted students to SEED Alternative School.

5C Wiggle Pig.jpg
Poster for Fifth Column and Wiggle Pig at The Cameron House, Saturday August 5th, 1989.

poster003 - poster004.jpg
Poster promotes a concert at The Rivoli for Eugene Chadbourne with Deadlines as the opening band.

 MS RO.jpg
Poster for the Random Order, Steal This Book and Mourning Sickness show at the Cameron House.

Poster for Violence and the Sacred's record and video release concert for "SUTURE SELF."

art 060.tif
A drug overdose memorial plaque bolted to a street pole.

1989 politics no graditude.tif
This was bolted to a building on Ryerson Avenue in Toronto.

Anarchist magazine associated with the Toronto Anarchist Black Cross, which focussed on prisoner solidarity and political prisoner support.

Kick it over 24 1.pdf
Issue of the Toronto-based anarchist magazine Kick It Over

heretics poster.jpg
Show poster for The Heretics, Fifth Column & Elizabeth Fischer at the Siboney Club in Toronto.

Issue of Ecomedia anarchist bi-weekly bulletin.

Issue of Ecomedia anarchist bi-weekly bulletin.

Corruption Lick Boob PC Side 1_20180211_0001.jpg
A postcard from Kathedral B members who were travelling the West coast of the US from Radical Faerie Gatherings to San Francisco.
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