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Punk benefit concert with Toronto bands One Blood, Wad, Blundermen, Kops for Christ

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A photo of mixed genre band, Random Order, whose sound included mainly ska, reggae, with hints of punk and funk, and who identified as queer and LGBTQ. People in the photo from front to back: Rachel Melas (bass), Lynx Dean (guitar & vocals), Conny…

An outline of the various actions and initiatives the OPIRG Toronto planned to implement in the campaign to pressure the University of Toronto not to become involved in the Columbus Project

Pamphlet for Environmental Week 1993 produced by OPIRG Toronto to promote the sustainable, non-polluting transportation practices and the programming series that they were to host.

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Poster for an event sponsored by OPIRG, SCM, and the U of T Students for the Ethical Treatment of Animals to strategize for actions against the Columbus Project

An Anti-Racist Action Toronto pamphlet explaining what the ARA is, past actions by the group, as well as a background on racist activity in Toronto.

An article from The Varsity written by Ginna Watts about the Anti-Racist Action.

A clipping from The Varsity of Ernst Zundel's response to their coverage of the November 24, 1993 demonstrations at his house.

Event poster for a live music benefit in support of Anti-Racist Action, featuring the Guelph-based band Burn 51.

An Anti-Racist Action poster for a demonstration at Queen's Park. Was also distributed as a handbill.

A poster for a 1993 Rock Against Racism benefit show held at Classic Studios. Featuring Dinner is Ruined, Lambdamage and Splay.

Long time Exclaim! contributor Fiona Smyth makes the cover. Also features Mourning Sickness, John Switzer and PJ Harvey.

Paul Bartel's rarely screened final film gets a limited run at the bygone Metropolitan Cinema, formerly the Euclid Theatre.
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