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Issue of Ecomedia anarchist bi-weekly bulletin.

5C Violence and the Sacred.jpg
A poster for a Fifth Column - Violence and the Sacred concert at Lee's Palace.

poster008 - poster009.jpg
Poster for a concert at The Rivoli on Queen St W, featuring Fifth Column, The Earwigs, and Pig Farm as presented by CIUT.

5C BelVoxVicto at Cameron.jpg
Poster for Fifth Column and Believer's Voice of Victory show at The Cameron House on Saturday, June 21, 1986.

Billboard_05 1987.jpg
An unauthorized feminist billboard installed on an abandoned building at Queen and Portland.

Billboard_06 1988.jpg
This painting was installed on a vacant building at Portland and Queen St.

1985 street billboard1986.tif
One of many paintings covering an abandoned building at Portland and Queen.

Photo on Nov 13, 2018 at 11_48_47 AM.jpg
A cloth banner advertising a Breeding Ground record release show for the album Tales of Adventure held at Lee's Palace.

Photograph of a painting on reflection office tower glass that was then mounted to an abandoned building on Queen Street near John.
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