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A promotional show poster for a concert at the Cabana Room featuring Four Words, idshrubs, and Rebecca.

Fifth Column Table for One.jpg
Poster for a 1986 show with Fifth Column and Zuzu's Petals at the Cabana Room.

The Party's Over - Cabana Room setlist:handout.JPG
This was a setlist/handout we did for the show on Apr 2, 1981 at The Cabana Room in the Spadina hotel. There were 2 sets.

Gig poster for The Party's Over & Emergency Broadcast System, at The Cabana Room in the Spadina Hotel.

Poster by Eric Fitz. Setlist/handout by Bruce Wrighte.

This is the first interview/article profiling a band published in Now Magazine, Nov 5, 1981.

5C PartysOver Nov 5.jpg
Fifth Column and The Party's Over show at The Cabana Room, November 1981
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