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The Party's Over - Settings Book.pdf
A book of electronic settings, music, and lyrics used by Scott in The Party's Over in rehearsal and in recording performance.

Urban Scorch poster.jpg
Poster for Urban Scorch Compilation Tape featuring The Party's Over, March of Values, Fifth Column, and Diner's Club, on Søme Records.

The Party's Over - Face Down:Half Life Curve.mp3
A medley of 2 songs opening The Party's Over's section of the Urban Scorch compilation.

The Party's Over: Tissue Sample cassette and album art.

The Party's Over - Cabana Room setlist:handout.JPG
This was a setlist/handout we did for the show on Apr 2, 1981 at The Cabana Room in the Spadina hotel. There were 2 sets.

This was a set list we handed out before the show.

Tissue Sample Insert - Front - Master.JPG
This is the master & photocopy of the insert that accompanied the cassette "Tissue Sample" by The Party's Over on Søme Records.

Gig poster for The Party's Over & Emergency Broadcast System, at The Cabana Room in the Spadina Hotel.

Gig poster for a benefit we performed at Artcultural Resource Centre (now Romni Wools on Queen). Nov 21 1981.

Poster by Eric Fitz. Setlist/handout by Bruce Wrighte.

This is the first interview/article profiling a band published in Now Magazine, Nov 5, 1981.

Tissue Sample - Scott.JPG
Poster and mailout sheet for Tissue Sample - the first release by The Party's Over.

Urban Scorch - Eric Fitz.JPG
This is a poster for the release of the Urban Scorch compilation - the first cassette compilation released in Toronto by Søme Records.

The master for a collage used for b/w photocopies that were mailed out with Søme Records' correspondence & orders.
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