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OPIRG Banned from Queens Park_20190219_0001.pdf
Flyer from the Harris years asking if people have been banned from Queen's Park.

OPIRG Safe S and M_20190205_0001.pdf
AIDS prevention for people into S/M

Poster advertising a show to celebrate "six years on the Prowl!"

Poster advertising a rally to protest a proposed anti-squeegeeing city by-law.

The Activist00113.jpg
Poster inviting people to attend the Solstice Celebration at the Community Cafe

The Activist00112.jpg
Poster for the restaurant Community Cafe

The Activist00111.jpg
Poster with cartoon describing the Anarchist Free School and inviting people to a dis-orientation event. [text SV]

Show flyer for Anti-Racist Action (Toronto) birthday event at the El Mocambo.
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