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The Nancy Sinatras are joined by Canadian indie movie Queen Valerie Buhagiar (Highway 61!) for Movin' With Nancy...These Boots Are Still Walking', preformed at Buddies in Bad Times.

Nancy Sinatras 1993 Reduced Size.pdf
The Official 1993 Celebrity Datebook of the rockin' Toronto combo The Nancy Sinatras made by Ian Phillips of Pas De Chance

Nancy Sinatras 1992 Reduced Size.pdf
The Official 1992 Calendar of the rockin' Toronto combo The Nancy Sinatras, by Pas de Chance with photos by Ian Phillips.

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The Betty Page Social Club presents Fetish Night at The Tazmanian Ballroom.

2 stickers for the musical combo Fifth Column.

A party celebrating the Bruce LaBruce's film Super 8 1/2 screening at the 1994 TIFF.

Invitation to the premiere screening of Bruce LaBruce's Super 8 1/2, the follow up to No Skin Off My Ass.

A list of Fifth Column's favourite cultural ephemera listed by G,B, Jones, printed in The Circle zine.

This is in Chicago but there's a heavy Toronto presence happening.

Flyer for day 2 of SPEW all about "Super 8 in the Afternoon"

Michael Smith's one-man play about a day in the life of a gay man living with AIDS. With musical support by Steal This Book and a cameo appearance by Mourning Sickness.
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