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OPIRG-Carleton sent to the Board of Governers at Carleton University encouraging them to divest from all companies doing business in Burma, mos notably PepsiCo, stating that there is no way of conducting business in the country without directly…

After sending a letter directly to PepsiCo questioning them on the ethics of their involvement with the Burmese government in the face of their human rights violations, OPIRG Toronto received this letter in response stating that despite conducting…

OPIRG Binder 1989 16.pdf
Flyer describing what the Aboriginal Defense League does and inviting new members.

OPIRG Caravan to Chiapas.jpg
Poster asking for donations to make sure the Caravan to Chiapas arrives; the initiative was in collaboration with the Mexican Solidarity Network.

Bulletin Of The Prisoners' Justice Day Committee Of Toronto
Vol. 3, No 1, March 1995

A poster for a 24-hour vigil at Old City Hall for Prisoners' Justice Day on August 10th, 1995.

A show flyer for a Rage Against Nazis benefit for the Anti-Racist Action featuring Grade, Hockey Teeth and others held at the Rivoli.

Cover page of the Zundel's Gotta Go! information package created by Anti-Racist Action (Toronto)

A flyer for a benefit concert for Anti-Racist Action (Toronto) featuring Hockey Teeth at the Rivoli.

Photos on Nov 13, 2018 at 11_56_04 AM.jpeg
The Betty Page Social Club presents Fetish Night at The Tazmanian Ballroom.

Postcard for the film "Mom I think I'm... a coming out story' written, produced, and directed by Anna Malkin. The postcard features Mary Bunch one of the stars of the film.
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