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The Party's Over - Song Book
A book of electronic settings, music, and lyrics used by Scott in The Party's Over in rehearsal and in recording performance.

Fifth Column Poster - St Paul's Church
Poster for concert with: The Exploding Tickets, Fifth Column, March of Values, Polar Question & Vegetable Friends.

Fifth Column Interview with Grant H & Phillip E
Interview done in 1981 with Grant Heaps. It was used as promotional material on Søme Records' mailouts for Urban Scorch.

Søme Records mailout 3
Tissue Sample and Urban Scorch Sub-Master Package mail out.

Urban Scorch Poster by Fifth Column
Poster for the Urban Scorch Compilation

A medley of 2 songs opening The Party's Over's section of the Urban Scorch compilation.

The Party's Over: Tissue Sample
The Party's Over: Tissue Sample cassette and album art.

Urban Scorch Compilation
Description of cassette compilation.

The Party's Over @ The Cabana Room - Setlist/handout
This was a setlist/handout we did for the show on Apr 2, 1981 at The Cabana Room in the Spadina hotel. There were 2 sets.

The Party's Over @ Music Gallery - Setlist & Recording
This was a set list we handed out before the show.

Tissue Sample Insert
This is the master & photocopy of the insert that accompanied the cassette "Tissue Sample" by The Party's Over on Søme Records.

The Party's Over & EBS @ OCA
Poster for Gig at OCA.

The Party's Over & EBS @ The Cabana Room
Gig poster for The Party's Over & Emergency Broadcast System, at The Cabana Room in the Spadina Hotel.

The Party's Over & Fifth Column @ ARC
Gig poster for a benefit we performed at Artcultural Resource Centre (now Romni Wools on Queen). Nov 21 1981.

The Party's Over - Cabana Room - Apr 2 1981
Poster by Eric Fitz. Setlist/handout by Bruce Wrighte.

The Party's Over - Now Article
This is the first interview/article profiling a band published in Now Magazine, Nov 5, 1981.

Description of band.

Tissue Sample poster / mailout
Poster and mailout sheet for Tissue Sample - the first release by The Party's Over.

Urban Scorch Compilation poster - Ann Arbor
This is a poster for the release of the Urban Scorch compilation - the first cassette compilation released in Toronto by Søme Records.
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