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On the Frontlines Cover.jpg
Cover of an issue of On the Frontlines with coverage of the Metro Days of Action

Walking on Sunshine Cover.jpg
Cover of the booklet written by Metro Days of Action organizer Linda Torney

Metro DOA communication report.pdf
Summary and report of the media coverage of the Metro Days of Action

Photo 1.jpg
Two photos from the Metro Days of Action staff wind-up party

Metro DOA income_Redacted.pdf
Itemized list of all of the income and expenditures for the Metro Days of Action.

Bowden Media Coverage.pdf
Survey of Media Coverage of Metro Days of Action by Bowdens.

Day of Action-City of York-union members.jpg
Photograph depicts the City of York-Etobicoke OSSTF members marching during the Day of Action.

Day of Action-City of York-entertainment at rally.jpg
The Day of Action rally in Coronation Park even had entertainment! The photograph depicts musicians playing on a stage at the rally and a banner made by the City of York's Women's Community.

Day of Action-City of York-rally in Coronation Park.jpg
The protest march ended in a rally at Coronation Park which is behind the Old City Hall for the City of York.

Day of Action-City of York-Katie McGovern Julia Barnett.jpg
Depicted are Katie McGovern and Julia Barnett two prominent local labour leaders reassuring Toronto police.

Day of Action-City of York-Joan_Roberts.jpg
This image depicts Joan Roberts. Joan was a Ward 4 councillor in the former City of York. She was a principal organizer and marshall of the Day of Action City of York event. In this image, Joan is wearing a pink marshall's hat.

Day of Action -City of York-2.jpg
This photograph depicts the crowd marching up Keele St and past the historic spot on the west side of Keele Street.

Day of Action-City of York-1.jpg
Photograph depicts the City Of York protest march for the Day of Action on October 25, 1996. Image features Joan M. Roberts, the 'York Fights Back' banner, and the pink "City of York Women's Community" banner.

An activist video about the Metro Days of Action, which uses camcorder footage contributed by ten different participants.

Photos taken at the end of the Metro Days of Action march.

Photo taken during the Metro Days of Action march.

Photo taken during the Metro Days of Action march.

Photo taken during the Metro Days of Action march.

Photo taken during the Metro Days of Action march.
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