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"Womantalk" show featuring Random Order and Sheila Gostick as part of the 7th Annual Mayworks Festival of Working People and the Arts.

Show poster for a Random Order show at the Cameron House with The Unceded Band

Random Order's 1st Club Show with Mourning Sickness & Steal This Book at The Cameron House.

Random Order's Destiny cassette reaches #2 in CKLN's "most played recordings" playlist for August 6-12, 1990.

Random Order's Destiny cassette reaches #2 in CKLN's "Singles, EPS and Short Tapes" playlist.

QuotaMagCover (2).JPG
Quota magazine cover of Random Order.
Left to right: Lynx Dean, Rachel Melas, Conny Nowe

Original lineup photo was taken at the Apocalypse Club on College Street now: El Convento Rico.
Lynx Dean : Guitar/Vox/percussion/Lyrics/Arrangement (far left in photo)
Auge VanBolhuis: Drums (middle)
Tantrum: Bass Guitar (far right)

2ndCDRelease Party.JPG
Ticket for the release party of Random Order's 2nd CD "Dimples & Anti-Depressants" at Lee's Palace, featuring SkinnyNFuzzy and The Saucy Tarts.

Cover art for Random Order's second cassette, "Soul Control". This cassette was released with Random Order's 2nd rhythm section line up Conny Nowe & Rachel Melas who were co-writers & performers in the band for approximately 10 years.

There was a…

A poster for a release party for Random Order's first CD, "Not a Perfect World." Held at the Bamboo and featuring Leslie Taylor An' de Ban'.

Cover art for Random Order's first CD, "Not a Perfect World". This CD featured a revamp of "Oppression" from the Destiny cassette and "Things Fall Apart" which has recently been re-mastered edited and re-released May 15, 2020.

Cover art for Random Order's first cassette, Destiny. Two of the tracks "Positive Emotion" and "Fashion" reached #2 on CKLN radio charts and various college radio as well as airplay in Europe especially on indie, college and pirate radio stations. …

MotocycleTrio (2) (1).JPG
A photo of mixed genre band, Random Order, whose sound included mainly ska, reggae, with hints of punk and funk, and who identified as queer and LGBTQ. People in the photo from front to back: Rachel Melas (bass), Lynx Dean (guitar & vocals), Conny…
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