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Smith memorial.jpg
Invitation to the memorial gathering for Michael Smith.

This is in Chicago but there's a heavy Toronto presence happening.

Flyer for a autograph event featuring Canadian comic art stars Fiona Smyth, Seth, Chester Brown and Joe Matt held at The Beguiling's second location in the Mirvish Village.

Scratch & Sniff card distributed at Mac's Milk locations to be used in conjunction with a CITY TV screening of John Waters' Polyester.

The Rules for Serial Diners, a Toronto group dedicated to meeting weekly in order to eat in every restaurant listed in the Yellow Pages.

Postcard advertising 2 nights of contemporary 16mm films by American experimental filmmaker Stan Brakhage at Innis College and The AGO's Jackman Hall.

Promotional Flyer for Night of the Alien Scumbags, an evening of low ball insanity presently by Culture Shock at The Lizard Lounge.

Press release for the launch party held at the Theodore Museum of Contemporary Art for Toronto artist Fiona Smyth's comic Nocturnal Emissions, published by Vortex Comics.

Screen Shot 2018-11-04 at 1.48.11 AM.png
Nicole Tanguay and Mourning Sickness perform "By Any Means Necessary" live at the Apocalypse Club.

LR ID Suspect.jpeg
Membership card for Suspect Video and Culture.

LR ID Zone.jpeg
Invitation to The Zone's preview party.

OPIRG Boycott Nestle 1.jpg
Flyer advertising the "Boycott Nestle" campaign
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