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Feminie 6 small.pdf
feminie was a a monthly magazine devoted to the empowerment of women.

A poster for an Anti-Racist Action benefit show at Lionheart Studios on August 6, 1994 highlighting women performers Venus Cures All and Whatever.

Promotion for a Rock Against Racism show at the South African Centre in Toronto. Featuring Ignatz with DJs and dancing, as well as film screenings.

Poster for a protest and picket against two downtown shops in 1994.

Poster for a Toronto Anti-Racist Action benefit show featuring hip-hop artists KVA and DJs.

An update bulletin from Anti-Racist Action (Toronto) after criminal charges were dropped against activists.

News Bulletin Of Anti-Racist Action, Fall 1994

Poster for Anti-Fascist film night event held at Cinecycle in Toronto.

A short documentary about the Painting Disorders, which began as an exhibition and developed into a collective.

Front page of "In Your Interest," the newsletter of OPIRG Guelph

-Silly Billy- Super 8 Film.mp4
This is my experimental 1995 film "Silly Billy" starring my infant son, fireworks and various musicians including Grant Buffett, Shadowy Men On A Shadowy Planet and various bicycle courier bands.

A party celebrating the Bruce LaBruce's film Super 8 1/2 screening at the 1994 TIFF.

A letter on behalf of President Prichard to OPIRG-Toronto that announces their decision not to involve the University of Toronto as a partner in the Columbus Project

A flyer searching for new hosts for Deviant Culture Exchange, a radio show on CKLN FM dedicated to zines, films, events, comics, etc...
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