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A poster advertising a meeting for the Native Issues Group to be held on October 8, 1991.

A final report for the Environmental Priorities Project funded by OPIRG-Toronto and the Environmental Youth Corps, entitled "Composting at the University of Toronto."

An OPIRG guide for students groups for how to maintain an environment group.

Poster advertising Supermarket Tours hosted by OPIRG-Toronto during Environment Week.

An article in The Strand covering OPIRG's demonstration against disposables whereby the group built a mountain of styrofoam cups in front of Sidney Smith.

A press release informing the public that OPIRG-Toronto will be building a mountain out of 12 000 styrofoam cups on campus to raise awareness of the Green Master Plan.

Pamphlet with information regarding OPIRG-Toronto's Annual General Meeting including a description of the organization, a description of the different working groups, and a proposed agenda for the meeting.

Pamphlet for Environmental Week 1993 produced by OPIRG-Toronto to promote the sustainable, non-polluting transportation practices and the programming series that they were to host.

Promotional postcard for the Bikes Not Cars campaign

Poster advertising a Bikes Not Cars campaign meeting wherein cyclists rode along Bloor Street from Castle Frank to High Park.

Pamphlet advertising the No Time to Waste Rally for Peace and the Environment organized by the Toronto Disarmament Network and Greenpeace

An event poster for the showing of the video "The Colour of Immunity" organized by the Black Coalition For AIDS Prevention (Black CAP)

Final Report detailing the reasons why the York Campaign was discontinued.

A letter from OPIRG Provincial stating that the expansion to create an OPIRG-York would be delayed due to the unlikelihood of being able to win a referendum at York at the time.

A short documentary about the Painting Disorders, which began as an exhibition and developed into a collective.

A documentary short film about the Cold City Gallery in downtown Toronto.

A short documentary film about the art collective, Spontaneous Combustion from the early-to-mid 1980’s.
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