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A Fax sent from OPIRG-Carleton to OPIRG-Toronto notifying them that PepsiCo will be completely disengaging from the Burmese market.

OPIRG-Carleton sent to the Board of Governers at Carleton University encouraging them to divest from all companies doing business in Burma, mos notably PepsiCo, stating that there is no way of conducting business in the country without directly…

After sending a letter directly to PepsiCo questioning them on the ethics of their involvement with the Burmese government in the face of their human rights violations, OPIRG-Toronto received this letter in response stating that despite conducting…

Front page of "In Your Interest," the newsletter of OPIRG-Guelph

Promotional flyer to encourage the public to boycott Petro-Canada in an effort to pressure the company into not renewing its contract in Burma.

A press release from the South-East Asia Working Group of OPIRG-Carleton outlining a plan of action for divesting from Petro-Canada so as to pressure them to suspend their operations in Burma while the military regime remains in power.

A letter sent to the Students Administrative Council notifying them that OPIRG will be closing the issue of the 1992 Spring elections/referendum

A promotional flyer for the Lubicon Cree campaign against Daishowa Inc.

A document that outlines procedures and guidelines for OPIRG-Toronto to critically examine all proposals for projects, programs, policies, financial and staffing matters.

A form used to nominate students to run for the position of director on OPIRG-Toronto's Board of Directors.

A letter on behalf of President Prichard to OPIRG-Toronto that announces their decision not to involve the University of Toronto as a partner in the Columbus Project

An outline of the various actions and initiatives the OPIRG-Toronto planned to implement in the campaign to pressure the University of Toronto not to become involved in the Columbus Project

Fax sent to all people of the Mohawk Nation and to the people of the League of Indigenous Nations Conference from the Leonard Peltier Defense Committee.

Letter from OPIRG-Toronto to the Apache Coalition seeking information that would help in lobbying against the University of Toronto and the Astronomy Department.

Minutes for the November 20, 1991 meeting of the U of T Coalition Against the Columbus Project. The focus of the meeting was the develop a strategy regarding U of T's stance to defer their decision to involve themselves or not in the Columbus Project…
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