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Folder OPIRG 1988-1995 7.pdf
Newsletter from the Friends of the Lubicon

Folder OPIRG 1990-1994 10_20190507_0001.jpg
Board report outlining events and initiatives pertaining to the Pedestrianize St. George Street Campaign

Folder OPIRG 1990-1994 7_20190507_0001.pdf
Poster for an event sponsored by OPIRG, SCM, and the U of T Students for the Ethical Treatment of Animals to strategize for actions against the Columbus Project

Folder OPIRG 1990-1994 6_20190507_0001.pdf
Flyer inviting people to join the working-group opposing U of T participation in the Columbus Project.

Fifth Column Plasterscene Replicas.jpg
Poster for Fifth Column, Plasterscene Replicas, and John Porter at Key West in London, Ontario.

Design, layout, lettering and spray paint by G.B. Jones

A short documentary film about Toronto's Loop Gallery, originally a collective founded to exhibit mid-career artists in the late 1990's.

A short documentary film about The Red Head Gallery, which was established in 1990 in Toronto.

A short documentary film about the Toronto-based art collective Place & Show.

A short documentary about the Un Collective, a series of art exhibits organized in Toronto.

A short documentary film about MUD, an artist-curated show of painting that was launched in November 1994.
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