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Gwendolyn Hardcore.jpeg
The program for Gwendolyn's performance piece Hardcore: A Sex Worker Examines the Morality of the the Anti-Porn Movement.

vote for peace.jpg
Poster encouraging people to vote for peace in the upcoming election

speaking out sexism and university 1.jpg
Pamphlet describing a day of discussion about Sexism, Violence, and the University

march against male violence.jpg
Poster advertising a march to protest male violence

join the war on apathy.jpg
Poster encouraging graduate students to vote yes for a fee levy to support OPIRG.

friends of the lubicon.jpg
Poster informing people about an upcoming lawsuit against the Friends of the Lubicon

PDF Boycott Wines.pdf
Newsletter describing how organized labour in Canada can help fight against apartheid and farm labour exploitation in South Africa.

Fifth Column Table for One.jpg
Poster for a 1986 show with Fifth Column and Zuzu's Petals at the Cabana Room.

The Heretics Fifth Column.jpeg
Poster for a show at the Siboney Club. Poster designed by Pat Jeffries. Poster photo by Paula Uyenaka.

a declaration for peace 1.jpg
A pamphlet expressing support for declaring Canada a Nuclear Weapons Free Zone.

canada's water for sale_.jpg
Poster for the annual meeting of the Canadian Environmental Law Association

On the Frontlines Cover.jpg
Cover of an issue of On the Frontlines with coverage of the Metro Days of Action

Our Times Article.jpg
Cover of an issue of Our Times with a photo from the Metro Days of Action

Walking on Sunshine Cover.jpg
Cover of the booklet written by Metro Days of Action organizer Linda Torney
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