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OPIRG Ecotour 2_20190205_0001.pdf
Packet describing the path and stops along the Eco-Tour

A Survival Gathering An Anarchist Unconvention 1.pdf
An information pamphlet for people attending A Survival Gathering distributed by the Toronto Network mailing list.

OPIRG Safe S and M_20190205_0001.pdf
AIDS prevention for people into S/M

Postcard featuring a photo of residents and friends sitting on the front lawn of Kathedral B.

Postcard for the film "Mom I think I'm... a coming out story' written, produced, and directed by Anna Malkin. The postcard features Mary Bunch one of the stars of the film.

Poster announcing the beginning of a campaign to save the life of Mumia Abu Jamal

Poster advertising a show to celebrate "six years on the Prowl!"

Poster advertising a rally to protest a proposed anti-squeegeeing city by-law.

Gig flyer for The Ten Commandments at Lee's Palace supported by Small Town Preachers & The Land Sharks

Press Release detailing a program of Jack Smith films introduced by Village Voice film critic J. Hoberman.

IMG 48bb 1983.jpg
A protester with ACT! (Against Cruise Testing) in front of the Eaton Centre. A person wearing a Canadian Armed Forces jacket looks on.
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