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OPIRG Ecotour 2_20190205_0001.pdf
Packet describing the path and stops along the Eco-Tour

A Survival Gathering An Anarchist Unconvention 1.pdf
An information pamphlet for people attending A Survival Gathering distributed by the Toronto Network mailing list.

OPIRG Binder 1989 16.pdf
Flyer describing what the Aboriginal Defense League does and inviting new members.

OPIRG Safe S and M_20190205_0001.pdf
AIDS prevention for people into S/M

Postcard featuring a photo of residents and friends sitting on the front lawn of Kathedral B.

OPIRG Binder 1986 29.jpg
Letter of solidarity from OPIRG coordinator Ann Rowan to Cesar Chavez

Postcard for the film "Mom I think I'm... a coming out story' written, produced, and directed by Anna Malkin. The postcard features Mary Bunch one of the stars of the film.

Promotional postcard for the Bikes Not Cars campaign

Poster announcing the beginning of a campaign to save the life of Mumia Abu Jamal

Poster advertising a show to celebrate "six years on the Prowl!"

Poster advertising a rally to protest a proposed anti-squeegeeing city by-law.
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