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MS York.jpeg
Poster for the York Federation of Students BBQ and Music festival.

 MS AFest.jpg
Poster for the Survival Gathering show at the Rivoli, 1988.

A silkscreen poster made in the summer of 1987 to fund the Toronto Survival Gathering.

Photograph of a painting on reflection office tower glass that was then mounted to an abandoned building on Queen Street near John.

queen st 1989 rocky.jpg
Painting installed on an abandoned building during the 1984 political election.

Satirical poster for the Cabbagetown Cultural Festival that purposefully indicated the wrong dates.

The charter document of the Funnel Film Collective.

Poster for a 1985 Funnel Film Collective event featuring Toronto-based filmmakers.

Letter announcing that Funnel is moving to a new theatre at 507 King St. East

First issue of the Funnel Newsletter.

A poster for the showing of a film called Berlin at the Rivoli

Smith memorial.jpg
Invitation to the memorial gathering for Michael Smith.

Michael Smith's one-man play about a day in the life of a gay man living with AIDS. With musical support by Steal This Book and a cameo appearance by Mourning Sickness.

An essay commemorating the 25th anniversary of the antiauthoritarian commune Dragonfly. Written for the last issue of Kick It Over which was printed but never published.

IMG 48bb 1983.jpg
A protester with ACT! (Against Cruise Testing) in front of the Eaton Centre. A person wearing a Canadian Armed Forces jacket looks on.

IMG 1684bb 1985.jpg
Photograph of posters for the legendary Toronto punk band Stark Naked and the Fleshtones.

Scanned from a Xerox multifunction device-8.pdf
1984 punk/hardcore show at the Turning Point

1984 punk/hardcore show at the Upper Lip.
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