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OPIRG Binder 1989 16.pdf
Flyer describing what the Aboriginal Defense League does and inviting new members.

Folder OPIRG 1990-1994 7_20190507_0001.pdf
Poster for an event sponsored by OPIRG, SCM, and the U of T Students for the Ethical Treatment of Animals to strategize for actions against the Columbus Project

An activist video about the Metro Days of Action, which uses camcorder footage contributed by ten different participants.

Nothing to Smile About.jpg
Photo from 1988 at Queen and Gladstone in Toronto. "After years of tight fisted colonialism... nothing to smile about."

OPIRG Binder 1989 8_20190228_0001.pdf
Newsletter of the University of Toronto Anti-Apartheid Network.

An introductory leaflet to Anti-Racist Action (Toronto)

The Activist00111.jpg
Poster with cartoon describing the Anarchist Free School and inviting people to a dis-orientation event. [text SV]

Photo taken in front of Queen's Park at the end of the Metro Days of Action march.

OPIRG Anti Tax Cut_20190219_0001.pdf
Poster for anti tax cut town hall. The event featured Linda McQuaig and Neil Brooks and was endorsed by the Embarrass Harris Campaign, West End Group, and Metro Network for Social Justice.

Poster for Anti-Fascist film night event held at Cinecycle in Toronto.

Photos taken of the main exhibit of OPIRG Toronto's Anti-Gallery: an interactive installation comprised of the group's archival records depicting foundational moments in their history of community activism.

Photograph of a billboard put up after Gardner Myers was killed by police. July 1988. Lester Donaldson's name was added August 9 when he also was killed by the police.

An Anti-Racist Action Toronto pamphlet explaining what the ARA is, past actions by the group, as well as a background on racist activity in Toronto.
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